Mid-pregnancy system screening

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      系统超声检查包括:常规产前超声检查的内容及其胎儿脊柱、四腔心切面、腹部脏器(肝、胃、肾、膀胱),以求诊断大部分胎儿畸形。 Ultrasound examination of fetal mid-pregnancy system includes: the contents of conventional prenatal ultrasound examination and its fetal spine, four-chamber heart section, abdominal organs (liver, stomach, kidney, bladder) in order to diagnose most fetal malformations. The fatal deformities required by this examination for the Ministry of Health include: anencephaly, severe encephalocele, severe open spina bifida, severe thoracic and abdominal wall defects ectroplasty, single cavity heart, fatal cartilage hypoplasia. Prenatal ultrasound examination is affected by many factors. It is unrealistic and impossible to expect all fetal malformations to be detected by systemic prenatal ultrasound. Some organs and structures may not be displayed or displayed indistinctly, such as atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, hand and foot deformity, ear deformity, and deformity with small general morphological changes. Ultrasound examination is only morphological examination, no function is judged. Through this system of fetal ultrasound examination, the detection rate of fetal malformations is increased, and the birth of severely defective fetuses is reduced. 0 -2 6 周进行,我院 2012 12 月至今 2967 例,阳性 32 例,阳性率 1.1% This kind of examination has high requirements. The ultrasound doctor, equipment, time required for the examination, the content of the examination, and the size of the gestational week at the time of the examination should be strictly required. The examination is generally performed in 20 to 2 weeks. 2967 cases since December , 32 cases positive, 1.1% positive rate

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