Title: Down's Screening
Name: Zhao Xiaojuan [2020-01-02]
Message content: Can you go to your hospital for a Tang sieve on Saturday?
Reply content: Yes! [2020-01-02]
Title: What day of the week is the director of obstetrics?
Name: 13955390958 [2020-01-01]
Message content: Director Zhou's consultation time
Response: Closed this Friday and Sunday, the rest go to work [2020-01-02]
Title: Do you need to make an appointment with your doctor in advance?
Name: Wen Juan [2019-12-31]
Message content: If your hospital wants to deliver your baby, if you want to play without pain, if all the physical conditions are allowed, do you need to make an appointment with the doctor in advance? There is no emergency department in your hospital. If I start labor at night, do I go to the inpatient department to go through admission procedures? What needs to be prepared in advance for admission?
Reply content: Maternal admission notice ----, required items for hospitalization (bring your own) Maternity: sanitary napkins, toilet paper, front open cotton pajamas, toiletries, non-slip slippers, towels, mats, hangers, water cups, spoon , Straws, things to accompany. For babies: urine is not wet, small clothes (2--3 sets can be used) coating, small towels, small washbasins. 2. The name on the hospitalization card must be the same as the name of the ID card when you are in hospital, otherwise you cannot apply for a birth certificate. Third, please bring a health care manual, all test sheets during pregnancy, B-ultrasound, one card, the original and photocopy of the identity card of the husband and wife (front and back-2 copies). You can go to the hospital 24 hours a day. After the hospitalization, you can talk to your doctor. [2020-01-01]
Title: Production Cost
Name: Gao Jing [2019-12-31]
Message content: How much is the delivery or caesarean section?
Reply content: 5 to 6 thousand; about 10,000. [2020-01-01]
Title: 18 days
Name: Qiang [2019-12-31]
Message content: The baby is 18 days old. On these two days, the forehead and cheeks have some red spots, and the white head is on it. What to do
Response: Please go to the pediatric clinic. [2020-01-01]
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